Qualcomm QuickCharge 5 – 0 to 50% in 5 minutes!

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Qualcomm brings Quickcharge 5 technology. According to Qualcomm, it will support fast charging up to 100 watts, which can charge a smartphone from 0 to 50 percent in just 5 minutes or a full 100 percent charge in just 15 minutes.


It’s been many years since the arrival of Qualcomm’s Quickcharge 4 or Quickcharge 4+. According to the company, QuizCharge 5 technology will be their biggest success to date. QuickCharge 4+ supports fast charge up to a maximum of 30 watts. But this time their Quickcharge 5 will increase it by about 60 percent. Not only fast charging but it will also make the smartphone less than 10 degrees Celsius which is really incredible.


Quick Charge 5 is actually using the existing USB Power Delivery Programmable Power Supply (PD-PPS) standard (a subset of the existing USB-C PD space), which allows for more control over voltage and current levels during the charging process.

The advantage of this is that Quick Charge 5 is theoretically universal – any USB PD-PPS charger will be able to charge your Quick Charge 5 device at full speed.



Another key change here is that Quick Charge 5 now supports the 2S battery system for two wired battery cells in the series that can double the charging voltage. Instead, it can increase the charging speed.

It supports backward charging. Older Quick Charge gadgets and devices will still work with the new Quick Charge 5 supported hardware, as far as these chargers can deliver. (On the other hand, USB-C PD devices and iPhones will only get fast charging facility for USB PD-based Quick Charge 4 and above))

This will bring the biggest benefit to everyone. Quick Charge 5 is part of Qualcomm’s overall package. Qualcomm is already one of the largest processors, modems, power supply companies.

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