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curd sandwich recipe with step by step photos – quick, easy and tasty sandwich recipe with a spiced veggie curd filling.

sandwiches as a snack has many fans. most sandwiches are easy and quick enough to prepare. also there are many variations one can do in the stuffing. this recipe of curd sandwich can also be called as raita sandwich. for hungry kids or even adults, these make a quick snack or brunch option. since curd is added, i would not recommend to pack these sandwiches in tiffin box.


– we usually prefer to grill curd sandwiches, but you can also just have them plain or toast the bread separately and then place the curd filling in it.

– do use thick curd, hung yogurt or greek yogurt to make the filling.

– for the sandwich stuffing, i have used a mix of cabbage, carrots and capsicum.

– i have also added steamed corn kernels. instead of corn kernels you can also add steamed or boiled green peas or boiled potatoes. do note that all the veggies are raw except the steamed corn kernels. if you want you can even blanch the cabbage leaves and then add. lettuce leaves can also be added.

– for the seasoning, i have used mixed herbs. the recipe is more international style and not spicy. you can indianize the recipe by adding indian herbs & spices like coriander leaves, mint leaves, green chilies, chaat masala, garam masala powder and red chilli powder.

– serve curd sandwiches plain or accompanied with some potato chips or banana wafers. you can also serve these dahi sandwiches with any dip or sauce of your choice.

this is a quick and easy curd sandwich recipe with a veggie curd filling.

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